BCX 400 provides a simple, biological solution for activating and stabilizing the composting process:  Bio-activates digestion and speeds the metabolic process

Feeds & Protects conventional microbes so they can complete their work

Assists Sanitisation (metabolic heat-production)

Kills Pathogens (proven pro-biotic capabilities –non-heat related)

Blocks Heavy Metals – allows for use of potentially toxic highway green waste

Reduces the Size of organic particulates – able to break down the most difficult of organic waste  Prevents dehydration / optimises moisture content during process  Increases End-Product Value o Optimizes microbial health in end-product compost

Helps meet PAS 100 standards


Pure Ascophyllum nodosum marine algae – no additives.  Nutritionally rich – chelated, colloidal, and optimally balanced = BIO-AVAILABLE

Full of naturally-occurring complex enzymes and pro-biotic compounds = BIO-ACTIVE

Highly absorbent – retains 30+ times its weight in water (moisture retentive)

HOW BCX 400 WORKS:  Activates the natural compost cycle

Feeds – provides complex nutrients to microbes

Protects microbes – natural alginates keep microbes alive in hostile environments  Sequesters heavy metals without processing or later discharging them

Kills pathogens – by heat generation (sanitisation) + pro-biotic pathogen-killing function

Reduces particle size by allowing for completion of the digestion process

Maintains moisture – optimises biodegradation  End product retains beneficial micro-climate for soils

How Do BCX Products Work?

BCX products perform multiple biological functions:  Feeding micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria) and macro- organisms (e.g. plants & animals).

Ascophyllum nodosum is one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables on the planet, containing lifesustaining elements like organic iodine and organic germanium, plus complex compounds like oligosaccharides and polyuronic acids – in addition to a full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements – at levels way above those of any land plants.

Note:  BCX effectiveness is NOT based on elemental content.

Bio-availability – Nutrients in our products are chelated, colloidal, optimally-balanced, and easily absorbed.
Bio-activity – BCX products are natural and superior bacterial culture media, restoring microbiological life to organisms and eco-systems. When bacterial culture is exposed to nutrients, bacteria begin to feed & thrive, producing a host of enzymes which then continue feeding and speeding biological processes. This bacterial + enzymatic activity supports and protects life in complex and profound ways. BCX works with naturally-occurring, conventional organisms, aerobic and anaerobic.

Our products are true “pro-biotics”, dramatically improving digestion efficiencies and decomposition rates throughout the entire digestion/decomposition process – completing these processes while eliminating odours in our product’s biological ion-exchange capacity.  Protecting organisms.  Naturally-occurring alginates + trace elements protect organisms from environmental toxins – including protecting the health of the sensitive, beneficial families of bacteria within living systems.  Ascopyllum nodosum is proven to sequester heavy metals without further processing or release.  Our product actually blocks heavy metals in soils and waste products, preventing assimilation in plants and animals.

BCX has unlocked the beneficial contents of Ascophyllum nodosum without destroying the most fragile, biodynamic molecules within.  Our proprietary process/trade secret sets BCX products apart from other algae-based products, products with an algae component, or products containing enzymes, microbes, plant regulator molecules,  or other biotech compounds.

Our products work biologically. Biological processes take time (consider digestion, growth, gestation, decomposition…) BCX products activates biological processes and speeds them on their way, but results are not “instant” (exception: Odour control where our product works in its ion-exchange capacity – eliminating odours bio-chemically on contact within minutes.)

Reduced Leachate

No Pathogens

No Heavy Metals

C:N Ratio is also important.

Have your compost analysed, and if required, add urea or Nitrogen to raise N levels (1kg/m³).

Ideal is 30:1


Odour reduction

Application Information

  1. 200 ml of BCX 400/m³ of waste  diluted in 40 litres of water
  2. If high in oil content add 200 ml of BCX W/m3 of waste diluted in 40 litres of water
  3. Spray the mixture over the pomace,maintain the moisture(what is dry is dead)
  4. Leave it for 6months and then return it to olive orchards to enrich the soil
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